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Laser Dentistry

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By using a soft tissue laser, Dr. Stern can provide gentle care with the ultimate precision. An advanced system of care, soft tissue lasers operate by generating focused light energy to gently and precisely shape or remove the targeted soft tissue without affecting any adjacent areas.

By eliminating direct tissue contact, along with the pressure or any other type of discomfort typically associated with procedures involving a surgical scalpel, soft tissue lasers can minimize the need for dental anesthesia. In addition to the delivery of care that is more comfortable, soft tissue lasers also offer excellent hemostasis to control bleeding during surgical procedures as well as provide quicker recovery and healing times with reduced amounts of post-operative swelling and scarring.

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Soft tissue lasers have multiple applications and can be used by Dr. Stern to provide many types of care, including periodontal procedures to treat gum disease as well as recontouring gingival tissues for cosmetic purposes and the placement of dental prostheses. Dental laser technology can also be used to in the treatment of mouth ulcerations and viral lesions, the incision, and drainage of abscesses, biopsies, the removal of fibromas, the performance of frenectomies, and for the exposure of unerupted permanent teeth or to uncover dental implants in order to facilitate the placement of a restoration.

Thanks to the advent of soft tissue laser technology, Dr. Stern can provide precise and gentle care for a more comfortable and stress-free dental experience!

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