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COVID-19 Office Update

Ever since our office re-opened this summer after the COVID-19 shutdown we have spent considerable time, effort and research to make the office safe for both patients and staff. Aside from universal precautions that the office has always taken to protect patients and staff additional precautions have now been implemented. We have added a plexiglass barrier by the front desk to help distance the patient from our front desk staff. Our patient flow has also been adjusted to allow for proper social distancing in the reception area. All patients are interviewed about their recent travel, recent contact with other potentially sick individuals, and their own health history.

We have placed JADE purifiers throughout the office to remove any viral particles that might be in the air. There are also extra oral vacuum units in the operatories that suction all aerosol that is produced during dental procedures, significantly decreasing the chance of COVID-19 transmission. Additionally, we fog the operatories with a disinfectant that is also used on airplanes, cruise ships, subways and buses as well as hospitals to clean each room before another patient enters.

Fortunately, New York has seen a tremendous drop in new cases, and the risk of transmission is significantly less than earlier. Still, we treat every contact and patient as a transmission risk to create as safe an environment as possible. We welcome you back to the office for your dental care.

Making The Office Safer

We would like to showcase that we are taking COVID-19 very seriously, as such the office is equipped with the following:

The JADE (SCA5000C) Air Purifier

Dentist in Great Neck

With the Jade (SCA5000C) Air Purifier from Surgically Clean Air, you can once again feel confident and breathe easier while receiving the dental care you need!

At the office of Great Neck Dental Arts, our highest priorities are to provide top-quality care while ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients and office team. One of the many measures we've taken to reduce transmission of germs and the threat of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is installing an advanced air purification system. Using the JADE (SCA5000C) Air Purifier from Surgically Clean Air, we can effectively filter and sterilize the air throughout our office and treatment areas. As a medical-grade air system, the JADE (SCA5000C) is recognized as one of the most advanced units on the market.

"Clean, Pure, Re-Energized Air"

Used in hospitals, medical labs, and dental offices, the Jade (SCA5000C) Air Purifier operates via a multi-stage process to clean, purify, and re-energize indoor air. As it removes and filters out airborne chemicals, toxins, odors, viruses, bacteria, fungi, dust particles, allergens, and more, this system immediately kills live germs to reduce the spread of illness. This well-designed system featuring a proprietary HEPA-RX filter, an activated carbon filter, germicidal UV-C+ bulbs, a hydroxyl radical reactivity chamber, and revitalizing negative ion chamber has a demonstrated performance record and has earned the trust of healthcare professionals in every field.

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IQAir Extraoral Suction Air Purification Systems

Dentist in Great Neck

Leading-edge technology to improve the management of aerosol mist

At the office of Great Neck Dental Arts, we maintain a position at the forefront of advances in infection control to provide our patients with the safest and most effective care. Our IQAir Extraoral Suction Air Purification System offers both our patients and dental team maximum protection from the aerosol mist produced during dental procedures. When used in conjunction with intra-oral suction, this unit absorbs and disinfects the cooling water spray generated by dental instruments and emitted oral mist containing saliva, blood, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne particles.

Healthy, safe, and stress-free care

This remarkable system reduces aerosol levels, bacterial colonies, and airborne viral particles to almost zero. As the dental spray and associated airborne particles enter this extra-oral unit, they pass through up to five stages of filtration and post-filtration sleeves to produce cleansed and purified air. Incorporating advanced HyperHEPA filtration technology, this unit captures dangerous particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter, which are the smallest particles that exist.

As a best in class product, the IQAir Extraoral Air Purification System neutralizes the threat of aerosolized viruses, bacteria, mercury vapor, and other pollutants to safeguard the respiratory health and overall well-being of our patients, dentist, and office team. 

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ULV C100+ Cold Fogger 4L With EcoloxTech Electrolyzed Water System

Great Neck Dental Arts | Oral Exams, Preventative Program and Dentures

As an added precaution between patients, and in addition to our routine surface disinfection procedures, common areas and treatment rooms are cold fogged with a safe and effective solution that quickly eliminates any residual airborne or surface viruses.

The ULV C100+ Cold Fogger 4L With EcoloxTech Electrolyzed Water System is one of the most powerful units on the market. Designed to atomize a biologically-safe solution of hypochlorous acid (HOCL), the system produces a disinfecting fog, which saturates the air to kill germs throughout the room.

Cold fogging enables us to disinfect the air and every nook and cranny of every surface in a targeted room. This safe and effective method works within seconds and complements our routine surface disinfection procedures to provide our patients and office team with enhanced protection and safety.

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